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Frequently asked questions

  • What material does Minerva Access hold and what can be deposited?

    Minerva Access makes available the research outputs of the University of Melbourne staff and students.

    The following materials are accepted:

    • Journal articles, including:
      • editorials
      • book reviews
      • letters
    • Conference papers, including:
      • accepted abstracts
      • poster sessions
      • video recordings
    • Books and book chapters
    • Theses:
      • University of Melbourne research theses
      • some University of Melbourne minor and coursework theses
    • University of Melbourne internal publications
    • Creative works
    • Non-traditional outputs (NTROs)
  • How do I link to items in Minerva Access?

    All Minerva Access records include a persistent “Handle” URL in the URI field. A Handle is a persistent, long-term link to a resource, similar to a DOI.

    Here is an example of a handle linking to record:

  • Can I find out how many times my work has been downloaded?

    Usage statistics are provided for each item in the repository. To see the number of downloads, open the Minerva Access record and click the "Show statistical information" button in the left sidebar.

    On the statistics page, “bitstreams” refers to the number of downloads of the item, while “item” refers to the number of record pages views. You can also view them by country.

  • I found a thesis in Minerva Access that is restricted. Can I access it?

    It is possible to request a copy of a restricted thesis, although we cannot make copies available for some theses due to author’s wishes.

    Types of access restrictions on theses:

    • Access restricted to University of Melbourne staff and students: you may be able to access a digital copy of the thesis by submitting a request.
    • Restricted theses: you may be able to access a digital copy of the thesis by submitting a request.
    • Embargoed theses: it is not possible to access a thesis that is currently under an embargo.

    For more information on how to request a thesis, please go to:

  • I can’t find a thesis in Minerva Access. How can I obtain a copy?

    Not all University of Melbourne theses are available in digital format. For information on how to access print theses, see the Thesis Collection information page.

  • How do I register as a guest?

    Guest registration is available for anyone who is not a member of the University of Melbourne and who wants to take advantage of the repository's save and export features.

    Please note that a guest account does not allow you access to restricted or embargoed records in Minerva Access.

    To register, click on “Login”, then “No UoM account? Click here to register a guest account”. Provide your email address and respond to the emailed instructions.

  • Who owns the copyright of the materials in Minerva Access?

    For theses in Minerva Access, the author retains the copyright for the work. For more information on how copyright applies to your thesis you can visit the Copyright and Your Thesis page.

    For research outputs in Minerva Access, copyright is held by the author and/or publisher, depending on the agreement the author signed with the publisher.

    For more information on copyright and research publications, refer to the following:

Further support

For enquiries relating to the Minerva Access system, please email at

If you require assistance depositing your Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs), contact the Research Outputs team at

Further open access support can be found on our Open Scholarship website. You can also organise to consult a librarian or for any questions, feedback and suggestions please complete our Library Enquiries form below: